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Led by Mark Shrimpton, the nationally recognised leader on customer service, Chair of Assist UK, lead judge at The National Diversity Awards and disability discrimination law who was responsible for the award winning Disability Rights Commission Helpline and many other multi-million pound service and disability related contracts, our team of experts can work with your business to ensure you:

  • Capture more business by making your retail operation accessible to disabled people
  • Recruit and retain the talent of disabled people, avoiding costly litigation and recruitment/training costs
  • Comply with the law and deploy best practice, making your business the one of choice for disabled people

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Although most people will take their mobility for granted, at Manage at Home, we understand just how much of a difference mobility independence can make to daily life.

As a supplier of daily living aids, Manage at Home aims to assist those who are less mobile, with an extensive range of products for in and around the home, from profiling beds to bathroom aids to walking sticks.

In addition, the online store ensures that products can be ordered in the comfort in your own home and our staff is never out of reach thanks to the live chat facility on the site, as well as a hotline number for our more traditional customers.

We care about our customers’ welfare and work hard to help them overcome their disabilities and feel confident about being mobile.

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The Disabled Motorists Federation is a registered charity established almost 40 years ago with the original intent to give free advisory services to disabled people, (totally irrespective of the nature of their disability) on issues relating to motoring.

However over the last eight years the federation has diversified substantially and realises the importance of increasing networking relationships with charities, healthcare service providing organisations and relevant central and local government departments in order to create increased levels of social inclusion, equality and diversity.

The federation continues in its attempt to develop as equal as possible societies for disabled people and their carers and families and it is through these attitudes that the Disabled Motorists Federation is receiving numerous enquiries from organisations and companies within the United Kingdom and abroad.

The federation has never qualified for any grant aid and is therefore staffed entirely by volunteers.
For more information, please visit and for appropriate enquiries use the ‘on-line’ Contact Us page.

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Based in Cheshire our team of specialist fitters are fully qualified to assess and adapt your home to meet your needs, and benefit from advice and support from a fully qualified occupational therapist. We are a subsidiary company of Wulvern Housing Ltd, and have a wealth of experience in this field.

You can trust us to install:

Support and grab rails

Wet floor shower room and level access showers

Bath lifts and lever taps

Ramp and modified steps

Stair lifts


Specialist lighting

Wheelchair accessible doors and opening systems

Specialist sockets, switches, handles and locks

Wider driveways and paths

Intercom systems

Don’t struggle around your home contact us on;

T: 0845 201 1145

or find out more at:

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In the UK, over 1.7 million disabled people receive the Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance and over 16,000 receive for the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement. Currently, some 490,000 disabled people have chosen to pay their allowances to the Motability Scheme to meet the cost of having a car, powered wheelchair or scooter, through contract hire or hire purchase schemes.

Motability, the charity, has overall responsibility for the Motability Scheme.

Gordon Ellis Logo

Gordon Ellis and Co design products with care, to offer independence providing comfort and safety for older and disabled people.

AT Alliance Logo

The AT Alliance links the four national charities – DLF, Assist-UK, FAST and Ricability – that provide independent information about the products that make independent living possible. These include high street products as well as specially designed assistive technology equipment.

It is organised by the registered charity Mobility Choice which was established in February 1998 by the Department for Transport, the Department supports the charity by way of an annual grant.

The Memorandum and Articles of Association of Mobility Choice sets out the following objectives of the charity:

The objectives for which the charity is established are to advance the independent mobility of disabled and older people for their relief and assistance, and in particular but not exclusively by :-

a) organising and running the Mobility Roadshow and such similar events as are deemed by the charity to be necessary;
b) facilitating the establishment of centres where advice and guidance can be given;
c) facilitating the acquisition of equipment and resources for such centres and for existing assessment centres as necessary;
d) facilitating the setting up and running of driving programmes to provide intensive advice and tuition to disabled and older people on safe driving.

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Ergoflex HD memory foam mattresses deliver advanced temperature-sensitive, pressure-relieving performance that promotes great sleep. From helping to prevent pressure sores to providing relief from aching joints and muscles, Ergoflex mattresses offer a range of benefits that make them the ideal choice for disabled users or anyone suffering from chronic health complaints such as fibromyalgia. With a weightless sensation that takes the pressure off the hips, back and limbs, the Ergoflex memory foam mattress offers consistent support for the entire body, meaning that you can find a comfortable position quickly and easily, allowing you to have an uninterrupted rest.

Manufactured with high density ACPT visco-elastic memory foam and a layered combination of supportive materials, Ergoflex mattresses have been developed over three generations to provide the optimum sleeping environment and represent a premium memory foam experience. Each mattress has an anti-microbial treatment that inhibits the presence of dust mites (bed bugs) and creates a healthy, anti-allergenic surface. A specialised ‘cool-sleep’ layer ensures a regulated temperature in all seasons.

Ergoflex has a growing number of devoted customers in the healthcare and disabled communities of the UK and Europe, from individuals right through to close links with specialist support group organisations such as Backcare UK.
Renowned for friendly and efficient customer service, as well as high performance premium products, Ergoflex are fast-becoming the memory foam mattress brand of choice in the UK.
For more information on how Ergoflex memory foam mattresses can deliver pressure care that will improve your sleep quality, visit

Foundations Logo

Foundations is the national body for home improvement agencies in England. We provide a range of services for agencies and their commissioners, working to develop and support the sector.

Home improvement agencies help older and vulnerable people maintain their independence by providing housing-related support. For more information about how home improvement agencies can help contact us on the below details;

Bleaklow House
Howard Town Mill
SK13 8HT
Phone: 08458 645210


The charity for disabled drivers, passengers & Blue Badge holders. In April 2011 we changed our name from Mobilise to Disabled Motoring UK to better reflect the people we campaign for.

National Headquarters
T: 01508 489449
For disabled drivers, passengers and blue badge holders:-
Registered Office:
Disabled Motoring UK
National Headquarters
Ashwellthorpe, Norwich, NR16 1EX

T: 01508 489 449

Disability Rights UK Logo

Disability Rights UK works to create a society where everyone with lived experience of disability or health conditions can participate equally as full citizens.

Disability Rights UK is led, run and controlled by disabled people, with disabled people making up at least three-quarters of its board members.

Disability Rights UK focuses on;

Breaking the link between disability and poverty
Mobilising disabled people’s leadership and control – in our own lives,
our organisations and society
Making independent living a reality
Putting disability equality and human rights into practice across society
Disability Rights UK was formed through a unification of Disability Alliance, Radar and National Centre for Independent Living on 1 January 2012. We aim to be the largest national pan-disability organisation led by disabled people.

12 City Forum
250 City Road

T:020 7250 3222
F:0207 247 8765

Rica Logo

Fast UK Logo

was founded in 1998 to tackle the inadequate design of assistive technology products and services. The failure to develop a thriving market in equipment that meets the real needs of disabled and older people is a major barrier to independent living. With limited resources, FAST’s strategy for achieving maximum impact is to work at a national, strategic level to highlight the complex causes of this failed market and to bring the sector together to find innovative ways of working, in partnership with disabled and older people.

FAST (Foundation for Assistive Technology)
302 Tower Bridge Business Centre
46-48 East Smithfield
London E1W 1AW

Tel: 0300 330 1430
Fax: 020 7709 2068


GFI was first established to provide an information and home assessment service, specialising in equipment and adaptations.

We are now developing an OT Association to support Independent Therapists, providing work opportunities and a UK- wide directory. Independent Occupational Therapists who are members ot the GFI OT Association offer a trusted alternative to statutory services which are only available free to people with the highest level of need.

GFI is also working in partnership with voluntary sector organsiatons to develop the SMILE bio-psycho-social programme to help people regain and retain their independence and social inclusion.

Our organisation is independent which means that we can be impartial and give information on a wide range of equipment, adaptations and new ways of doing things. These include areas not covered by the council or health service, such as enabling access to the garden, leisure activities, adjustments at work and getting into the car.

We provide an invaluable service for people wanting timely information and support to help them to stay independent. Going For Independence aims to give choice and control back to the individual and peace of mind to families.

TinnisWood House
83 Ridgeway Drive
Helpline 0800 612 8909
Office No. 0208 249 5515
18001 0208 249 5515

Online Directory for independent OTs;

GFI receives enquiries about finding a therapist from all over the UK (from individuals, charities and businesses) and wherever possible we put people in touch with local Independent OT practitioners. However we have often had difficulty sourcing independent OTs and those working outside the statutory sector through existing channels.
The GFI Directory is designed to be an accessible and easily searched online listing with a free standard entry, with the option to have an enhanced entry with a website link:-


The National Association Equipment Providers has been working over recent years to establish a network of regional groups throughout the United Kingdom. From the establishment of the first Regional Group in the North West, the benefits and success of this group have pioneered the development and the achievement of this network.

Mangar Logo

Mangar International’s core objectives are:

To enable people to retain their independence and dignity for as long as possible
To reduce strain and injury risk for carers.

They achieve these by designing products and rehabilitation equipment for disabled and elderly people to help with everyday tasks such as getting in and out of bed, taking a bath, or lifting a fallen person.

With a wide range of simple solutions available, there is no need to struggle and put yourself and others at risk of injury.

Growings Logo

Based in Newbury, Berkshire, Gowrings Mobility is the UK’s longest established and leading company producing and supplying wheelchair accessible vehicles. We design, manufacture and market a wide range of vehicles that have been extensively converted to allow wheelchair users to travel in their wheelchairs as passengers. We set the standards.

The company invented the original ‘wheelchair passenger vehicle’ and was the first supplier of wheelchair accessible vehicles to Motability. More than 40 years on, Gowrings Mobility is a highly successful business and is renowned for its customer service, quality products and professionalism.

Gowrings Mobility
Bone Lane, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5UE
General Enquiries & Sales:
0845 608 8020
For details of Gowrings roadshow events please visit

Simply Health Logo

Who we are, what we stand for;

In a world where so many people can’t be bothered, we’re proud to be the healthcare company that can.

We believe in helping people access affordable healthcare and delivering exceptional personal customer service. We help two million individuals look after their health, and 11,000 companies choose us as their healthcare provider.

You may have known us as HSA, BCWA, HealthSure, LHF, Totally Active, Remedi or Medisure. Our name has changed, but what’s not altered is our awardwinningcommitment to do the right thing by our customers.

Individuals: 0800 980 7890 or
Businesses: 0845 075 0063 or

OttoBock Logo

Otto Bock Healthcare is a world-leading supplier of innovative products for people with restricted mobility. With high quality and cutting-edge products and services. Otto Bock helps people gain or regain their freedom to move.

Otto Bock Healthcare Plc
32 Parsonage Road
Englefield Green
TW20 0LD

Tel: 01784 744 900
Fax: 01784 744 901
Twitter: @ottobockuk

They have OT’s on the end of the phone to give product advice and live chat.