Welcome to Into Independence

The Into independence training portfolio is a nationally recognised accredited set of training programmes that have been developed from the former national organisation Assist UK Trusted Training programmes.
Into independence trusted training programmes aimed at government organisations, hospitals, health service providers, health professionals, and private organisations. Into Independence Trusted Training programmes have been successfully delivered in UK, Europe and Malta to disabled Living Centre, Health professionals, manufactures and serviced providers.

Many times relatively simple equipment can make the difference and open many doors for disabled, older people, their carers and family. It is essential the right equipment for each individual is based on their personal needs to help improve their quality of daily life. By providing relevant and timely information, they can make decisions to improve their daily living.

The Into Independence team has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help to provide information to all these people so that they, their families, their carers and their employers, and those who provide any form of service to them, can lead better, more fulfilling, and more prosperous lives.

For more information into our services please contact us today on +44 (0)161 763 8705.

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